About Us

Company Background 

Over 5 decades (50 years) of existence, Eik Seng Machinery Sdn. Bhd. always strives to give our customers and associates the best in every aspect. With our stringent quality control, you can assure what you receive only the finest. Our products meet the highest level of standard and are recognised by government bodies.


Our Mission
Be seen , Be heard, Be chosen
We gather here today to inform, to strengthen our relationship, and to share the same goals with our customers. We hope this get-together will bring benefits and create the awareness on how cooperating and supporting our effort could benefits your organisations. We will help your business trump in betterment of quality, and efficiency through the applications of technology innovations.

Our Tag

Partnering for Life
Here, we would like to emphasis the great importance of our customers to us and how we would gladly like to be connected to them for a lifetime.

Our Values to the society
Our commodities are harmless to the environment and to social well being because we care for you and your future generations.

ESM Today
We have moved from a typical selling company to an organisation which aggressively aims for growth, sharing, connecting, and servicing you, all for the hope for the betterment of our society. We exist for a purpose and respected by it. 

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